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Jenny Osburn - Cookbook: The Kitchen Party

From the author of The Union Street Café Cookbook and ECMA award-winning designer Laura MacDonald (Deep Hollow Print), The Kitchen Party Cookbook is the perfect gift for the food lover in your life!

Joel Plaskett says The Kitchen Party Cookbook "is the proof in the pudding" that "Nova Scotia is a great place to live AND to eat!"

With recipes for favourites from Teeny Donairs and Bad Apple Barbecue Ribs to Greek Nachos and super-easy Maple Sesame Salmon Bites, The Kitchen Party Cookbook also features a Nova Scotia party playlist AND a food map to tasty destinations around the province.

Celebrating the land where food is grown, the people who work hard to produce it, and the joys of sharing a meal in good company, The Kitchen Party Cookbook is a love letter to the culinary culture of Canada’s East Coast.