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ODCA - Glass Ornament: Children of the Raven by Bill Reid

SKU: 064837020945

Designed by Haida Native Artist Bill Reid.

The original print is in the collection of the Canadian Museum of History. The image celebrates the creation of humankind by Raven.

Glass ornaments are 75mm in diameter

Bill Reid, Haida Artist (1920-1988)

One of Canada's foremost Native artists, Bill Reid is widely recognized as having revived the great tradition of Haida art. Born in Victoria, B.C., he is the grand-nephew of Haida artist Charles Edenshaw. Reid has applied innovative techniques to his artistic legacy and has passed on his valuable knowledge to younger artists.

Children of the Raven was designed by Bill Reid in 1976 for the National Museum of Man (now the Canadian Museum of History). This image celebrates the creation of humankind by Raven. It now graces a series of products developed exclusively for the Canadian Museum of Civilization