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ODCA - Convertible Crossbody Bag: Silver Threads by Deb Malcolm

SKU: 064837101675

Designed by Métis Artist Deb Malcolm.

The threads, no matter what they are made of, tie the present to the past and, hopefully, to the future.

Convertible Crossbody bags can be used 3 ways - Clutch, Handbag, and Crossbody Bag.

  • 21cm x 14cm x 6.5cm
  • comes with a short strap and a long strap
  • short strap can be attached with both ends to the zipper to use a s clutch
  • 2 mesh interior pockets for small items

Deb Malcolm, Métis Artist

Deb Malcolm is a self-taught artist born in Toronto, Ontario. Having recently discovered Métis ancestry, she has been exploring the history of her family on her birth mother’s side. While she does not practice an indigenous lifestyle she takes pride in being recognized by the Manitoba Métis Federation and is working to educate herself about the history of the Métis people.

Inspired by the flower beadwork patterns found on traditional clothing, footwear and various carry bags used by the Métis people, she has produced artwork that brings those beading patterns to life by using a technique called Dot Art. Each individual dot of acrylic paint is applied to a wood canvas using an instrument called a stylus. The completed work is colourful and has a dimensional quality as the paint dries to a raised “bead”. The finished work is then sprayed with a protective varnish.