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Fundy Treasures - 7.5 oz Soy Wax Candle: Lime & Sugarcane

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SKU: FUN75-045
Fundy Treasure Candles are inspired by the Bay of Fundy where we are lucky to call home! We love foraging treasures from shores and beaches throughout the Maritimes and we embed these treasures in our candles to share, with you, the beauty that can be found along our coastlines! Each candle in our Fundy Treasure Candle Collection contains a piece of Bay of Fundy tumbled agate.

Our scents are inspired by our Maritime history, nature and industries.

We use only 100% soy wax, high tensile paper wicks, and phthalate free high quality fragrance oils and essential oils. 7.5 oz candles burn approx. 50+ hours.

Handmade by Fundy Treasures in Joggins, Nova Scotia

What is that amazing scent?

Lime & Sugarcane- a summer cocktail of fresh citrus fruits and sweet sugarcane.