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PK - Suncatcher Sticker: Dragonfly & Crescent Moon

SKU: PK005

Hand made suncatchers!

Here at the Prismatic Kitty, we believe that the smallest joys are often the ones to brighten our days. Something as small as seeing a rainbow shine on the wall could be enough to turn a bad day into a great one.

Light your room up with rainbows with this prismatic window cling!

Direct light shining through this decal with project rainbows into your home, as long as there is enough sun. Use a compass (or app, lets be honest) to figure out which direction your window is facing.

For east-facing windows, rainbows will project in the morning.
For west-facing, they'll appear in the afternoon of evening.
For south-facing, they'll shine all day!

Not recommended for north-facing windows.

This decal in removable and adjustable since it adheres with static cling only - no adhesives! Its perfect for rentals, dorm rooms, nurseries, or anywhere.

Comes in a neutral but metallic copper colour which coordinates with any décor.

To Apply:

  • Remove the backing film
  • Clean the window of dust and debris
  • Spray water onto window and stick 
  • Optional: gently remove excess water by pressing down with a towel