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ODCA - Microfibre Bib: Gifts From Creator by Emily Kewageshig

SKU: 064837101163

Gifts from Creator designed by Anishinaabe artist Emily Kewageshig.

Children are love and light in the purest form. They are the greatest gift from gichi-manidoo (creator). 

Microfibre bibs are soft and absorbent with easy velcro closure.

Machine Washable and dry.

Great for infants to toddlers. 

Emily Kewageshig - Anishinaabe Artist

Emily Kewageshig is an Anishinaabe artist and visual storyteller from Saugeen First Nation in Ontario. She moved away from her reserve to Toronto at 17 years of age to pursue a higher education, with hopes of making a living doing the one thing she loved the most - creating art.

After becoming a mother in 2018, Kewageshig reflected on how everything in life is cyclical, a concept informed by her heritage. Like a circle, without a beginning or an end, the earth orbits the sun, the seasons come and go in faithful order, and every living thing is bound to its life cycle. Collectively, Emily’s work highlights interconnectedness of all living things while promoting the need for harmony and balance so the life cycle of each plant, animal, and person can be preserved for the vitality of future generations. Stylistically, her work uses vivid colours and bold, graphic lines using both traditional and contemporary materials and methods.

Kewageshig continues to be a role model for First Nations youth across Turtle Island, as she continues to chase her dreams by inspiring and teaching through her art. In 2020 she returned back to her home community of Saugeen First Nation.