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ODCA - Art Print Scarf: Wolf by Jessica Somers

SKU: 064837101996

Designed by Abneakis and Métis artist Jessica Somers.

Humility is represented by the wolf. Humility is to know your place within creation and to know that all forms of life are equally important.

Scarves measure 180cm x 70cm, and 100% polyester.

About The Artist

Jessica Somers, Abenakis and Métis Artist 

Jessica Somers was born in Sudbury Ontario and is currently residing in Lavigne Ontario. She is Abenakis and Métis decent. She is greatly influenced by her grandmother who enjoyed creating scenic and wildlife paintings. Her father’s passion for carpentry and his hard work ethics and determination are what attributed to her success as an artist today.

Jessica loves creating paintings that represent knowledge of the natural world we learn and share through generations. Jessica is captivated by the teachings by elders in her community and her Nation. She creates art that connect to these teachings. This honors her ancestors while also ensuring the knowledge is passed on. Jessica uses her artwork as self-reflection, a way of seeking peace, sharing knowledge, teaching moral lessons, and/or telling stories. Jessica believes that art has been survivance, a way of holding on to stories and history, embodying a way of life, and expressing and sharing Indigenous identities.