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NNW - Garden Gift Sets: Bee and Blossoms by Paul Windsor

SKU: 629117058003

This bright and colorful gardening tool set provides you with the essential tools to start and keep up a garden.

Made from quality aluminum to ensure it lasts many seasons!

Perform all of your gardening duties with confidence including digging, loosening soil, aerating, planting, weeding and more.

Paul Windsor


“I was raised in a way of life based on hunting, fishing, feasting, singing, dancing and visual arts. Art has always been communicated as an expression of spirit to the connections to people and the ways of life.”

Measurements: Trowel: 3"x10.5"  Fork: 3"x9.75" Gift box size: 7"x11.25"x2.25"
Materials: Aluminum
Packaging: Color Gift Box with cutout window
Designed in Canada
Motif: Bee, Floral
Artist: Paul Windsor
Affiliation: Haisla,Heiltsuk