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NNW - 32oz Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle: Hummingbird by Simone Diamond

SKU: 629117070494
The long-anticipated Wide Mouth Insulated Bottles have arrived. Each bottle features an easy-carry handle, flip-and-sip spout, and stunning Indigenous artwork that will dazzle onlookers during your daily adventures and activities.


Food grade 304 stainless steel interior, 201 outer powder coated exterior, double-walled with BPA-free wide mouth flex straw lid,

Artist: Simone Diamond
Affiliation: Coast Salish

Statement of Respect & Authenticity:

We believe that Indigenous artists should be treated fairly and with respect.

Each of our exchanges, from the sourcing and compensation of Indigenous artists, to our staff and merchants, are part of a lifelong relationship between Indigenous cultures and the communities we pledge to honour and respect.

Authenticity of art, design, and culture is the foundation to our mission of building everyday connection to Indigenous cultures.

These products are guided by the following principles:

  • 100% of the art featured on Native Northwest products is designed by Indigenous artists
  • All artists have provided consent and contractual permission for their art to be featured on these products
  • Artist names are acknowledged on all product packaging
  • Cultural traditions are honoured by acknowledging cultural affiliation on product packaging
  • Artists are paid fees and royalties for the use of their designs