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Little Luxuries Soapworks - 5.5oz Handcrafted Bath Bomb: Sweetpea & Vanilla


Bath bombs weighing 5.5 oz (155g) each.

Our bath bombs are shrink-wrapped to preserve freshness and to prevent damage.

About our bombs:

Welcome a Little Luxury into your bath with these large Epsom Salt laden bath bombs, they have a touch of Sweet Almond Oil to soften your skin. Little Luxuries Soapworks strive to find the balance of a pleasing amount of fragrance without it being overwhelming – more is not always better.

We sacrifice a little bit of fizz due to the quantity of epsom salts in the bombs – we think the water softening properties of the epsom salts makes the trade off well worth-while, and the bombs are large enough to still bring that special luxury to your tub; they are BIG. They color bath bombs to make them pretty, not to color you or your tub – these bombs don’t make a mess in your tub., and won’t clog the jets in your whirlpool.

Based on the wonderful response from our customers, we believe that we have found the formula for smiles and happiness, disguised as a bath bomb.


Scent Description:

The scent of pea petals, fresh vanilla bean pods, and a hint of sugar combine to create an uplifting aroma that is sure to make you smile! Imagine a field of flowers as you walk through. The air is perfumed with a floral scent, and your mind drifts off into a world where anything can happen.

Hand Crafted in Nova Scotia. Made by beautiful humans!

Due to these being hand made in small batches the bombs will vary in appearance.

Bamboo & Teak - Our favorite Unisex fragrance.