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HPH - Hard Enamel Keychain: Halifax Clock Tower


What time is it? It's time to put the cutest little clock tower on the block up on your key ring - that's what time it is! The cutest keepsake to gift others who want to take a little piece of Halifax with them wherever they go.

Product Details:

• 2" x 2.5" hard enamel keychain with raised bright imitation gold plating

• Comes with no packaging

• Comes with flat 1.25" gold key ring

• Materials sourced through our trusted Canadian supplier

About Paper Hearts™

Hi! I'm Stefanie. I follow my heart … always. At Paper Hearts™, we make squish-in-your-face-cute note cards & other whimsical treasures with love, care & salty air on the East Coast of Canada. We actively work with over 265 retail besties across the country to bring a dose of whimsy & joy to their customers in-store. Oh, and we only go where our hearts tell us to go … No exceptions. warning: the purchase of our heart-made goodies may result in the sprinkling of magical fairy dust in the local community. Because, you see, as heart-followers we don’t just make pretty things - we make an impact.

Halifax, Nova Scotia