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Farmer John's Herbs - 325g Savory Sea Salt

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Another one of our best sellers, our Savory Sea Salt combines summar savory with large grains of sea salt, garlic and onion. It's chunky texture is perfect for salt ginders and ideal for using in rubs for roasted meats, chicken or fish. 

Savory Sea Salt 325gNo MSGGluten Free

Ingredients: Sea salt, savory, garlic, onion, pepper



Nova Scotia's fertile glacial soils and its moderate climate, with four distinctive seasons, combine to produce a naturally rich flavour in our summer savory and herbs. On our farm, located in the historic Annapolis Valley, we grow exceptional summer savory, which we believe to be the finest in the world. Our summer savory, stuffing mixes and spice blends offer you a taste of the soil and fresh salt air of Nova Scotia. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them.