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Educated Beards - Premium Beard Thinning Shears

SKU: EB003
Stay Sharp! Beard Scissors also used as mustache scissors. These are extremely sharp. A must for the mustache and beard. During your beard growth, you need to cut off dead ends and split ends. These beard shears will allow you the best beard styles giving you the beard shape you want. Easy Beard trim.


  • Use these premium stainless steel shears to keep your Van Dyke dapper and distinct.

Product Dimensions

  • 5.5"
  • 40 g


Our exquisitely crafted shears are forged from the finest quality Japanese stainless steel and designed specifically for dealing with the coarse facial hair of the beard. These precision shears are expertly weighted and perfectly balanced for a flawless finish, free of hassles, splits and snags. Featuring a brushed gold surface and ergonomic fabrication, these shears are made for carving out your magnificence- in style. SMOOTH PIVOT- The set tension at the pivot point between the blades is tightened to perfection for a smooth, rhythmic, cutting experience. TRUE FIT GRIP- Designed for comfort and flexibility, these shears feature removable silicone inserts for a fit like the proverbial glove. SILENCER BUMPER- For cushioned, noiseless cutting. 

BALANCED WEIGHT-Weighing in at a perfect 40 grams these blades are measured at the ideal weight for ultimate precision and control. JAPANESE STAINLESS STEEL- Retains a sharp edge longer than alternative materials. Perfect for trimming coarse facial hair which causes basic blades to dull quickly, creating unwanted grooves and notches in softer metals. Rust resistant.


Ideal for precision shaping and end-maintenance in longer beards. 

Place the third finger into the finger ring below the tang, Rest the little finger on top of the tang for balance and stability. Remove sizing insert if necessary. 

Place the tip of the thumb on the inside the thumb ring. The thumb ring SHOULD NOT slide below the end joint of the thumb. Remove sizing insert if necessary. 

Balance the shears so they feel secure but still move fluidly. 

For proper technique, maintain stability in all four fingers, using ONLY the tip of the thumb to open and close the blades. 

Shape and trim the beard as desired. Use with our Cellulose Acetate comb to achieve further detail and precision control.