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Eclair Lips - Handcrafted Lip Balm: Kiss Me I'm Vaccinated (Cotton Candy)

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SKU: 6906431

***Disclaimer: this product is not meant as an endorsement for vaccination. If you choose not to be vaccinated, please know that this product does not exist to criticize your decision. But please be conscious that there are many people who are happy to be vaccinated  and this is a product we created to help them celebrate something they feel is positive during a difficult time for all of us.***

So excited to get your vaccine, you could kiss someone? Celebrate the (slow and gradual) return of safe-smooching with this little tube, sure to keep your lips happy and soft for as long as it takes for herd immunity to kick in (which might still be a while). We had to go with cotton candy on this one, because kissing covid goodbye will be pretty darn sweet.

Size: 4.25g (0.15oz) tube

Ingredients: theobroma cacao seed butter, cera alba (beeswax), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, caprylic/capric/myristic/stearic triglyceride, natural aroma (flavor), tocopherol