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Drunken Sailor - Yer Fadder's Steak Spice: 70g Eco Pack

SKU: DS007

Fact is...Yer Fadder Was Always Right

  • Spice blend inspired by Yer Fadder's Friday night tradition...lathering ample spice on a thick T-bone and savoring every bite with a cheap red wine
  • A true foodie will notice a fine balance of minced garlic & granulated onion, but only those with the finest taste palette will be able to pick out the hint of mustard seed, rosemary and dill weed that separate this spice from the rest of the pack
  • 70 gram package
  • Our Kraft bags are an eco-friendly packaging solution. They are made of 50gsm Kraft paper with a PLA (Polylactic Acid) interior lining created from plant-based film and are 100% certified compostable.

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Allergen information:

  • Smoked paprika contains corn