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Bug Away: Orginal (No Decorative Character) Bug Smoker (Available In-Store Only)

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Introducing a safer way to take care of those pesky Mosquitos and Black Flies. This Earth Friendly “must-have” burns Eco-Friendly material such as egg cartons and coffee trays for up to one-hour at a time when filled. This one-of-a-kind Bug Away is great for decks, camping and gardening.

This earth friendly product burns recyclable cardboards like coffee trays and egg cartons for up to one-hour without refilling.

What Materials Can i Burn In My Bug Away?
We recommend burning egg cartons and coffee trays. Bug Away’s will smoke for up to one-hour when filled.

Where Do You Recommend Using My Bug Away?
Anywhere outside there are mosquitos and black flies! Decks, camping, gardening, beaches – you name it!