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BeginAgain Toys - All-Natural Rubber Bathtub Toy: Shark Tank Ball

SKU: 855950003065

Fun, unique and imaginative, Bathtub Ball Shark Tank bath toy for toddlers includes a spherical shark tank, master diver, octopus, and shark bath toy – what could be more perfect for bath and pool play time?!

Bathtub Ball Shark Tank characters blow bubbles when submerged underwater and lend to hours of storytelling and imagination.

Bathtub Ball Shark Tank characters are safe and fun bath toys for boys and girls, made of all-natural rubber with large openings that help toys dry thoroughly and prevent mold build up.

Bathtub toys can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleanup and sanitizing.

Intended for ages 2 and up.

BeginAgain is a brand that is focused on designing toys that satisfy all styles of children’s playing, with no batteries required.

They use sustainably harvested materials.