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Anointment - Holiday Spice Handcrafted Soap

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Holiday Spice Soap, part of your Holiday traditions for more than a decade! Reminiscent of enjoying a cup of spiced cider while curled up in your favorite fuzzy socks next to the decorated Christmas tree. A quiet moment of calm before the excitement of the Holidays.

Size: 100 g

A seasonal, limited-edition soap created with mineral-rich green clay and a carefully selected blend of cinnamon, clove, orange, and pine essential oils. Inspired by our own family tradition of keeping a crock of simmering homemade spiced apple cider in the kitchen throughout the holidays. Everyone is asleep, the house is quiet, snow is falling lightly and the room is lit only with the lights of the decorated Christmas tree. This is the magic captured for Holiday Spice soap.

HOW TO USE: wet with water, lather with hands or washcloth and apply to skin, avoiding eyes.

Storing your soap on a draining soap dish will help it last longer.