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Anointment - Baby Balm Diapering Salve 100g

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This herbal ointment calms irritated skin; soothes and protects after diaper changes. Designed for diaper rashes; zinc free, cloth diaper friendly.

Anointment’s best selling product for more than a decade! A zinc free blend of gentle soothing herbs infused in a certified organic olive oil and blended with fragrant Canadian beeswax. Contains the skin soothing properties of organic calendula blossoms and the subtle analgesic properties of organic lavender.

HOW TO USE: Apply a layer of Baby Balm to clean, dry skin at each diaper change and to dry, irritated skin and minor boo boos while avoiding eyes, nose and mouth.

Baby Balm provides a natural moisture barrier and soothes irritations.

Perfect for cloth diapering parents who don’t want to compromise their diapers with zinc oxide creams (we still recommend the use of a disposable liner with all diaper creams).

Chapped cheeks? Dry skin? Baby Balm makes a great moisturizer

Packaged in a glass jar

Double award winner