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Atlantick - Tick Kit: Tick Removal Tools And First Aid Supplies

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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Tick Remover Key Chain, Tick Removal Tweezers, Tick ID Card, Magnifying glass, Bandaids, Alcohol Swabs, Latex Gloves, Vial to Store the Tick, Sticky Roller and a 10ml Sample Bottle of AtlanTick Outdoor Spray
  • PERFECT FOR DOGS AND HORSES: Our Tick Removal Tool Kit includes a Sticky Lint Roller which is perfect for protecting your 4 legged friend BEFORE ticks become a problem
  • NEVER TWIST A TICK! You will have everything you need for safely removing ticks without twisting. Just grab with one of the tick removers provided and slowly pry out
  • TAKE ANYWHERE: The Tick Removal Kit can attach to your backpack, go in your glove box or simply keep in your house. It has everything you need to manage any tick issues that come up
  • BETTER TOGETHER: AtlanTick offers a wide array of all natural outdoor spray products and accessories for a long lasting lemongrass scent