About Our Market

What is Market Between the Mountains?

What does this mean for our wonderful local Valley shoppers???
We make it easy for you to spend your money where your heart is and find local awesomeness to support. You can check out any of our online sources for information on who, what, why & when they will be showing and what they have to offer. Find unique gifts, vintage
treasures, fresh food & other local awesomeness easily with MBM!

Fun for the whole family!
Come browse what your neck of the woods has to offer in this kid-friendly environment. Breastfeeding friendly, stroller accessible,
and relaxing small-town charm is great for shoppers of all ages.

We keep you in the loop!
We use weekly newsletters, Facebook posts, and annual digital calendars to make sure you can plan your grocery shopping,
gift-buying, meal planning and socializing easily.

What this means for local vendors, artisans, crafters, farmers, young entrepreneurs,
home businesses and more:

We are an easily accessible landing place for the Valley's best entrepreneurs!!! Come showcase your awesomeness alongside your neighbors
and we'll offer you a variety of services, advertising, display settings and sounding boards to create awareness about your business. Let us
create some buzz to boost your business and get the public excited about supporting local, shopping small and seeing firsthand what we've

Here's how we'll help:
1. We send out weekly newsletters so the valley can mark their calendars and know when you'll be here.
2. We use Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest & Tweet to the world with lots of photography or graphic rich content so they can see how
much fun we have and what greatness to expect.
3. We do paid advertising for stronger reach during our busy season and for our larger markets to make sure even more people are
finding us and we are gaining new customers.
4. MBM offers an array of advertising & display opportunities as unique as your business! Don't see anything that is a perfect fit for you?
Contact us – we'll hook ya' up!


Our #1 goal is to provide fun, easy & affordable services to our local entrepreneurs and to be a great
service or location to all those wishing to support us.

We aim to build a stronger community for the Annapolis Valley by teaming the great people with awesome
businesses – Just let us know how we can help!!!

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